2020-2021 Membership Change

Starting November 2020, MASFAA will be moving to an institutional membership structure! This new structure will allow an institution to share MASFAA membership with as many individuals at their organization as they would like. As a reminder, MASFAA membership includes the following benefits:

  • Access to MASFAA Matters webinars. Topics have included scholarship awarding best practices, the art of leadership, and how to engage with students. 
  • Unlimited postings on the MASFAA Job Board
  • Monthly MASFAA Moments newsletters containing information from around the region including Compliance Corner, state updates, and committee tidbits. 

Membership tiers are based on student FTE as reported on IPEDS:

1 - 4,999 students: $100

5,000 - 14,999 students: $200

15,000+ students: $300

Associations/Organizations: $300

In the past, each individual was granted a vote; however, under this new structure each institution, association, or organization will have one vote. The individual who will hold voting rights is to be decided by each institution, association, or organization. 

Interested in joining MASFAA as an institution in November 2020?

Beginning November 1, the person to be considered the primary point of contact for your campus will be able to submit an institutional membership application. 

Click here to join MASFAA!

Have any questions? Please contact a member of the Membership Services Committee


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