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MASFAA Award Descriptions & Past Recipients

Years of Service Recognized by MASFAA
Recognition at the annual conference is given to any paid active member of MASFAA (as of August 1) who has served the financial aid profession for the number of years indicated.

40-Year Service Recognition (2016)
Barbara Jones Catherine Wilcox
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35-Year Service Recognition (2016)
Barbara Charboneau  
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30-Year Service Recognition (2016)
Coleen Dunlap Roger Eldridge
Jo Levine Theodore Malone
Sue Minzlaff Agnes Roche
Cheryl Warmann  
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25-Year Service Recognition (2016)
Beth Cole Dave Deibel
Kathleen Foster Erin Gjerde-Bailey
Amy Hager Ron Hancock
Terri Harfst Angela Henry
Doug Hess Debbie Murphy
Matthew Nettleton Sandra Osborne
Stuart Perry Faith Phillips
Becky Shide Michelle Trame
Judith Witherspoon  
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20-Year Service Recognition (2016)
Katherine Allen John Dreger
Julie Haack Mary Horgan
Robyn Hughes Debra Langdon
David Marsteller Jennifer Prusko
Koren Scott Mary Walley
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Recognition of Retirement
Recognition of retirement is given to those who retire from the financial aid profession during the current year. The recognition is considered to have a high level of importance. Retirement recognition is based on retirement from the financial aid profession due to reasons of health, age or institutional eligibility. The person must have served the most recent fifteen (15) years as a member of a financial aid office or in a position eligible for regular membership in MASFAA. The retirement must have taken place during the year, by August 1, for recognition at the annual conference.

2016 Honorees
Paula Lampa Ivy Tech Community College
Cheryl Stuart Indiana University - South Bend
Laurie Wolff Des Moines Area Community College
Ginny Dodds Minnesota Office of Higher Education
Mary Dehler St. Johns University
Catherine Flowers St. Catherine's University
Kris Wright University of Minnesota
Mareitta Upshier University of Minnesota
Cynthia Growth Winona State
Lynn Mens Inver Hills
Ginny Biana Lorain County Community College
Craig Daugherty Kenyon College
Patricia Nettleton Beckfield College
Ken Rotroff Cedarville University
Fred Merritt Cedarville University
Kathy McEuen Haramon University of Dayton
Susan Monroe Franklin University
West Virginia
Debbie Boggess West Virginia State University
Lillian Mills West Virginia State University
Gary Spoales American Public University System
Elaine Wilkinson Madison College
Pamela Warren Marian University
Mary Jo Green Mid State Technical College
Susan Berens Nicolet Area Technical College
Lori Wiest Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
Jim Buske University of Wisconsin - Madison
Chris Cimono University of Wisconsin - Madison
Kate Dike University of Wisconsin - Madison
Joan Sweeney University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jan Anderson University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

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Allan W. Purdy Distinguished Service Award
This is the highest award MASFAA bestows on an individual. Individuals elected to receive it must have made outstanding achievements to the financial aid profession and to MASFAA’s goals. Their career in the profession and within education itself must demonstrate service to fellow professionals, students, and those other publics served by the professional aid administrator. The key criteria for this award are based on significant contributions over a period of time and are not typically given for a single contribution. The recipient must hold regular or associate membership in MASFAA.

2016 Richard Shipman
2015 Susan Fischer
2014 Keith Williams
2013 Arnold Woods
2012 Ginny Biada
2011 Mary Jo Smith
2010 Vickie Crupper
2009 Dan Mann
2008 Lois Mulbrook
2007 A. Dallas Martin
2006 William Bushaw
2005 Frank Loncorich
2004 Kenneth Fridsma
2003 Virginia Muenster
2002 Joyce Hall
2001 Susan Ladd
2000 R. Todd Morriss
1999 Sheryl T. Spivey
1998 Pamela Fowler
1997 John Parker
1996 Pam Britton
1995 Natala Hart
1994 Orlo Austin
1993 Linda L. Maxwell
1992 Robert Berger
1991 Paul Aasen
1990 William Bennett
1989 Harvey Grotrian
1988 Judith Florian
1987 John E. Moore
1986 Richard Battig
1985 Marc L. Brenner
1984 Rhonda Norsetter
1983 Mary Haldane
1982 Wallace Douma
1981 James White
1980 Paul Chrisman & Edgar Swanson
1979 Donald Holec
1978 Richard Johnson
1977 Neil Bolyard
1976 Norman Beck
1975 Rodney Harrison
1974 Henry Dykema
1973 Edson Sample
1972 Leo Gilchrist
1971 Walter North
1970 Allan Purdy

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Meritorious Service Award
This award is presented on an optional basis and is considered to have an extremely high value. The award is of extremely high importance and the recipient must have made significant contributions to the profession, association(s), or education in general. The selection is based on leadership or work on special projects. It is not required these projects last for the entire year or for an extended length of time; they could also be for a single accomplishment. Nominees may be financial aid administrators or people from related fields who merit consideration. The nominee need not be a member of MASFAA.

2016 Steven Foster
Amy Gaffney
2015 Lori Vedder
2014 Justin Brown
Jayme Jarrett
Melissa Haberman
2013 JoAnn Ross
2012 Michiale Schneider
2011 Aaron Steffens
2010 Mary Jo Smith
2009 2008-09 Executive Council Delegates:
Jayne Dinse
Candi Frazier
Keith Williams
Steve Schuetz
2008 Laurie Wolf
2007 Howard Thomas
2006 Debbie Scholz
2005 Patty Holycross
2004 G. Kay Jacks
2003 Ginny Biada
2002 Lloyd Mueller
2001 Pam Fowler
2000 Robert Krueger
1999 Zina Haywood
1998 Dick Battig
1997 Ed Schroeder
1996 Robert Quinn
1995 John Parker
1994 James Gilbert
1993 Virginia Muenster
1992 Sheryl Spivey
1991 Phyllis Hooyman
1990 Richard Bellows
1989 Joseph Russo
1988 Elaine M. Chiles
1987 No award
1986 J. Roland Hinz & Stephen Blair
1985 No award
1984 No award
1983 No award
1982 No award
1981 Thomas Butts
1980 Dallas Martin
1979 No award
1978 No award
1977 No award
1976 Josephine Ferguson
1975 No award
1974 No award
1973 No award
1972 No award
1971 No award
1970 James W. Moore

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State Leadership Award
The State Leadership Award is presented annually to recognize the outstanding leadership of a member from each of the 9 states within MASFAA. The recipients, who must be current MASFAA members, must have made outstanding contributions to the financial aid profession at the state and regional levels over a sustained period of time, i.e., seven years or more. Leadership at the regional level is not the only criterion for this award, and the selection process will not be limited to current state elected leaders. The individuals selected for this award must: exhibit high integrity and character; have shown creative leadership; have inspired and encouraged others to participate actively in professional development activities; have sustained active involvement in professional organizations, and have supported the goals and objectives of MASFAA.

Illinois: Mary Shaw
Indiana: Ted Malone
Iowa: Jennifer Sassman
Michigan: Kristin Bhaumik
Minnesota: Kris Parker
Missouri: Crystal Bruntz
Ohio: Emily Haynam
West Virginia: Kathy Bialk
Wisconsin: Sara Beth Holman

Illinois: Jana Albrecht
Indiana: Thomas Ratliff
Iowa: Chad Olson
Michigan: Jim Eddy
Minnesota: Jana Vanderah
Missouri: Brice Baumgardner
Ohio: Alicia Frey
West Virginia: Brian Weingart
Wisconsin: Melissa Haberman

Illinois: Amanda Fijal
Indiana: Sue Allmon
Iowa: Heather Gaumer
Michigan: Lori Vedder
Minnesota: Susan Neppl
Missouri: Samantha Matchefts
Ohio: Angela Johnson
West Virginia: Sandra Oerly-Bennett
Wisconsin: Karla Weber

Illinois: Michelle Trame
Indiana: Virginia Washington
Iowa: Amy Gaffney
Michigan: Vicki Crupper
Minnesota: David Vikander
Missouri: Janice Barnes
Ohio: Randy Ulses
West Virginia: JoAnn Ross
Wisconsin: William Henderson

Illinois: Sue Swisher
Indiana: Heidi Carl
Iowa: Don Duzik
Michigan: Anne Watson
Minnesota: Jeff Olson
Missouri: Keith Broadus
Ohio: Valerie Kepner
West Virginia: Tresa Weimer
Wisconsin: Susan Fischer

Wisconsin: Michelle Curtis
Illinois: Paula Luff
Iowa: Joan Meyer
Minnesota: Dianne Danov
Ohio: Ann Marie Gruber
Indiana: JoAnn Laugel
Missouri: Will Shaffner
West Virginia: Kaye Widney
Michigan: Margaret Rodriquez

Wisconsin: Steve Schuetz
Illinois: Dan Mann
Iowa: Lois Mulbrook
Minnesota: Nichole Lien
Ohio: Arman Habegger
Indiana: Kathy Purvis
Missouri: Anne Fligge
West Virginia: Candi Frazier
Michigan: Rick Shipman

Illinois: William Bushaw
Indiana: Bob Zellers
Iowa: Aaron Steffens
Michigan: Diane Lambart Fleming
Minnesota: Jayne Dinse
Missouri: Jon Gruett
Ohio: Karen Kopp
West Virginia: Patricia King
Wisconsin: Sue Minzlaff

Illinois: Nancy Calvert
Indiana: Jeff Pethick
Iowa: Roberta Johnson
Michigan: Howard Thomas
Minnesota: Dave Dahlen
Missouri: Cindy Butler
Ohio: Cheryl Willard
West Virginia: Nina Morton
Wisconsin: Triena Bodart

Illinois: Bruce Foote
Indiana: Douglas Irvine
Iowa: DeLores Hawkins
Michigan: Keith Williams
Minnesota: Dick Battig
Missouri: Brad Gamble
Ohio: Michiale Schneider
West Virginia: James Buchanan
Wisconsin: Debra McKinney

Illinois: Cheryl S. Warmann
Indiana: Marvin L. Smith III
Iowa: Susan Ladd
Michigan: Judy Florian
Minnesota: Richard Battig
Missouri: Leo J. Hertling
Ohio: Ginny Biada
West Virginia: Karen Lay
Wisconsin: Ernesto R. Monge

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Outstanding New Professional Award
This award is given annually to recognize the outstanding contribution of a new professional to the financial aid profession. The recipient must have been in the profession for less than five years and made outstanding contributions at the institutional state, regional, and/or national levels. The recipient must be a current member of MASFAA.

2016 Brittany Peterson
2015 Emily Haynam
2014 Gena Boling
2013 Greg Geistkemper
2012 Jayme Jarrett
2011 Heather Gaumer
2010 Buddy Mayfield
2009 Tracy Stokes-Hernandez
2008 Jason Reinoehl
2007 Jamie Petersen
2006 Janice Riutta
2005 Brian Weingart
2004 Valerie Kepner
2003 Mona May
2002 Tracie Pavon
2001 Rhonda Cors
2000 Chad Nosbusch
1999 David Peterson
1998 Denise Wyatt
1996 Bridget Payne
1995 James Green
1994 Kari Carlson
1993 Carol Schermann
1992 Carolyn Zehren
1991 Laura Archuleta
1990 Theresa Morgan

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Past Leadership Awards

2005 Natala Hart
2004 Orlo Austin
2003 Pam Fowler
2002 Laurie Wolf
2001 Kenneth Fridsma
2000 Richard Battig
1999 Marian Smithson
1998 Carolyn Sabatino
1997 Pamela Britton
1996 Linda Lee Maxwell
1995 Paul Aasen
1994 Judith Layer Florian
1993 Dick Bellows
1992 Marc Brenner
1991 Kenneth Spears
1990 James White
1989 Wallace Douma

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President’s Award
The President’s Award is The Presidential Award is considered to be one of MASFAA's highest awards and is considered to have very high importance. It is given at the discretion of the President and is optional.

The Criteria for Selection: This award is selected by the President of MASFAA and should be based on an individual's contribution to the Association during the President's term in office. The criteria to be used is based on the President's discretion or initiative, but may in fact be based on the completion of a special task, publication, survey or a host of other criteria.

2016 Heidi Carl
2015 Val Meyers
2014 Aaron Steffens
2013 Craig Slaughter
2012 Dan Mann
2011 Brian Weingart
2010 Al Hermsen
2009 Jason Crowe
2008 Michiale Schneider
2007 JoAnn Ross
2006 Bruce Foote
2005 Jerry Wade
2004 Rick Shipman
2003 Vickie Crupper
2002 Robin Stimac
2001 Sue Hebert
2000 Sam Ketcher
1999 DeLores Hawkins
1998 Jerry Wade
1997 Debbie Craig
1996 Gemma Wallace
1995 Virginia Washington
1994 Ed Schroeder
1993 Marc Brenner
1992 Sherree Hyde
1991 Cindi Smithhart
1990 Dan Stockwell
1990 Edgar Miller
1989 Faye Scheil
1988 Jimmy Ross
1988 Larry Dietz
1987 Priscilla Parker
1987 Stephen Morris
1987 Harvey Grotrian
1986 Joseph Stranges
1985 Faye Schell
1984 Wilhelm Eck
1981 Sue McKenna

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Student Success Story

2016 Juan Remoline
Dawinderpreet Brar
2015 Heather Swanson
Ann Wessman
2014 Roslyn Clark Artis
2013 Valerie "Ranee" Fisher
2012 Lance Zischka
2011 Michael Miner
2010 Yvette Vazquez
2009 Joal Reeves
2008 Romero Huffstead
2007 Obie Austin
2006 Jed Hamen
2005 Mark Martin
2004 Jose Del Real
2003 Cindy Emerson
2002 Zina Haywood
2001 Cheryl Whitlow-Thompson
2000 Richard Blake
1999 Brendan Sheehan
1998 Cari Wickliffer
1997 Kathryn Pettinger
1996 James Paige III
1995 Bob Robbins
1993 Debra Alexander
1992 Alice Moore-Parker
1991 Marcia Garcia
1990 Carolyn Miller
1989 Sharen Lowney

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Award of Appreciation
The Award of Appreciation is presented as deemed necessary to recognize significant contribution to MASFAA and the Financial Aid Community and is considered to have an extremely high value. The individual selected need not be a MASFAA member or a financial aid administrator, but may come from the political, educational, business, or other community. The individuals selected to receive the award must have made outstanding achievements in the furtherance of MASFAA’s goals; and have made significant contributions over a sustained period of time, except when a single contribution is of such momentous importance that it deserves this award.

2016 Pam Fowler
2013 Debbie Scholz
2012 John Parker
2011 Laurie Wolfe
2010 Lois Mulbrook
FFELP colleagues
2009 Arnold Woods
Dick Battig
2008 Staff of Strosacker College Union and Summer Conferences at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, OH
2007 Paula Gordon
2006 Jamie Malone

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Committee of the Year

2016 Local Arrangements Committee:
Crystal Bruntz, Co-Chair
Nick Prewitt, Co-Chair
Amy Hager
Becca Diskin
Buddy Mayfield
Dena Norris
Jessica Thyfault
Matthew Kearney
Sara Edwards
Scott Young
Susan Hartnagel
Wendy Carter
Will Shaffner

Program Committee:
Gisella Baker, Co-Chair
Jana Albrecht, Co-Chair
Alicia Frey
Anne Kaluza
Gena Boling
Jennifer Sassman
Karla Weber
Katherine Allen
Leo Hertling
Mary Shaw
Rachel Hagen
2015 Professional Development Committee:
Heidi Carl, chair
Keyimani Alford
Triena Bodart
Pamela Fowler
Nick Prewett
Marvin Smith
Karla Weber
2014 Long Range Strategic Planning Task Force
Rick Shipman, chair
Richard Battig
Charles "Buddy" Mayfield
Darla Palmer
Lori Vedder
2013 Federal Issues Committee
Michelle Curtis, co-chair
Marvin Smith, co-chair
Susan C Brady
Todd A Everett
Ean N Freels
Diane Lambart Fleming
Paula Luff
Val J Meyers
Margaret H Rodriguez
Kathleen A Sahlhoff
William C Shaffner
2012 Conference Program Committee
Amanda Fijal - Chair
Bob Andersen
Brandi Stone-Miller
Elaine Kinloch
Jamie Petersen
Jana Albrecht
Janet Ingargiola
Jayme Jarrett
Julie Wonderlin
Julie Finn
Justin Brown
Nick Prewett
Sondra Fonville
Sara Beth Holman
Tim Kremer
2011 Summer Institute Committee
Candi Frazier - Chair
Vickie Crupper
Leo Hertling
Pam Fowler
Joann Ross
Jo Cassar
Michiale Schneider
2010 Summer Institute Committee
Vickie Crupper, chair
Leo Hertling
Candi Frazier
Pam Fowler
Joann Ross
Jason Crowe
2009 Conference Program Committee
Cappy Breuer, chair
Conference Local Arrangements Committee
Nichole Lien, chair
2008 Summer Institute
DeLores Hawkins, co-chair
Jo Ann Ross, co-chair
Local Arrangements
Jason Reinoehl, co-chair
Michiale Schneider, co-chair
2007 Conference Program Committee
JoAnn Ross, co-chair
Candi Frazier, co-chair
Conference Local Arrangements Committee
Leo Hertling, co-chair
Pam Fowler, co-chair
2006 Awards Committee
Lois Mulbrook, chair
2005 Conference Local Arrangements Committee
Candi Frazier, chair
2004 Summer Institute Committee
Mary Lynn Perri, chair
2003 Conference Program Committee
JoAnn Ross, co-chair
Susan Fischer, co-chair

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Haywood Scholarship

2016 Felicia Drayton
2015 Andrea Jones
2014 Felicia Carrillo
2013 Vicky Lubeya
2012 Onjila Odeneal
2011 Tanika House
2010 Dwyane Smith
Ivy Tech Community College
2009 Marcela Rubio
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
2008 Ricardo Zamaripa
The Ohio State University
2007 Angelene Harris-Patton
Michigan State University
2006 Constance James
Michigan State University
2005 Kesha Williams
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
2004 Theresa Cry
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

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Lifetime Membership

Wisconsin: Ernesto Monge
Minnesota: Dick Battig
Allan Purdy
Josephine Ferguson
James White
Edson Sample

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Access Award
The Access award recognizes innovative ideas and programming in the area of financial literacy, and financial aid outreach initiatives targeted toward K-12 or post-secondary settings. This award is open to our state associations, financial aid offices, and individuals who are MASFAA members. The program selected demonstrate commitment to access and financial education, in an innovation program that has been developed within the past two year. This award is presented annually at the MASFAA conference.

First Place Award Western Michigan University: Western Michigan and U Workshops

First Place Award Missouri Association of Student Financial Aid Professionals MASFAP: Money Challenge
Second Place Award Morley Area Community College: UCAN2
Third Place Award University of Michigan: College Wallet Workshop
Third Place Award University of Wisconsin, Madison - Fast Track Banner Program

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