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Conference Agenda

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MASFAA 2016 Conference Handouts
The table below lists handouts from the 2016 Conference. The presentations and accompanying samples, letters, etc., can be downloaded by clicking on the icons in the right column.

Presentation Title Presenter Document
An Introduction to Income Share Agreements Ted Malone
Bill Brosseau
Building a High Performing Team Steven Foster
Building Your Board of Directors Steven Foster
Disbursement and Cash Management Zack Goodwin
Engaging Millenials with Money Matters Tracy Drechsler
Default Prevention Can Make A Difference Sarah Williamson
Becca Diskin
Rachel Smith
Family Funding Gap Strategies and Responsible Borrowing Laura Steinbeck
Federal Update Jeff Baker
FERPA, Information Security, and Social Media Gena Boling
Zack Goodwin
How to Create a Rate Reducing Default Management Program without Spending a Dime Becky Davis
Julie Fiore
NASFAA Compliance Engine Mandy Sponholtz
October is the New January: 2017-18 Application Update Zack Goodwin
Planning & Preparing for Your Next Job or Career Move Lynne Sebille-White
R2T4 and Enrollment Reporting Zack Goodwin
SAP and Consumer Information Zack Goodwin
Simplification: Not Just for the FAFSA Anymore... Jim Eddy
Speaking to be Heard Thomas Ratliff
Student Employment Made Easy Shandra Morin
Student Employment That Makes Lives Better Keyimani Alford
Karla Weber
The Cost of Compliance Kristi Nicol
Mandy Sponholtz
Using Big Data to Prevent Default Brent Carpenter
George Covino
What is Your Score? Lisa Mitchell
CortneyJo Sandridge
Who's Defaulting and Why - An Indepth Look at the Root of Loan Default Lori Baer
Doug Hess