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President's Message
by Howard Thomas, MASFAA President

On a warm summer Saturday, I often walk to the local farmer's market, meet my wife, and do some shopping. Recently, I spent about 20 minutes of my walk grumbling to myself about not accomplishing one of my goals for MASFAA this year. Then it occurred to me that if my only problem of the year was not accomplishing one goal, then we had a pretty good year. And the 2004-05 year was a very busy yet successful year. From my perspective, being your president was a wonderful personal and professional experience. I was blessed with a wonderful Executive Council that worked hard for the Association. Discussion was often spirited but always reflected the Council's passion to serve our membership. I was pleased that I could represent MASFAA at seven of nine state conferences and want to thank the state presidents for inviting me. In addition, I was able to represent MASFAA on the NASFAA Board of Directors as well as in meetings with the Department of Education.

The Executive Council was very active this year, particularly in evaluating association finances. Among the action items that were approved by the Council this past year were:

  • To consolidate our checking account and various savings accounts and certificates of deposit into US Bank. As a result, our interest and dividend income has more than doubled from 2003-04.
  • To obtain Director and Officer Insurance.
  • To establish a new definition of retired MASFAA member to be voted on at the annual conference. In addition, the Council approved a new retired membership fee of $10.
  • To reduce the annual conference registration fee from $225 to $175.
  • To purchase NASFAA Core Materials for each of our member states that use them.
  • To reduce the annual membership dues to $50.
  • To upgrade the website and establish e-commerce to allow our members to use credit cards for membership and/or conference registration fees.
  • To continue the state exchange program, sending MASFAA members to the NASFAA leadership conference, and 9 conference scholarships.

Other items that the Executive Committee accomplished this year include:

  • Membership increased over the 2003-04 year.
  • The Research Committee conducted the bi-annual salary survey and will provide a report at the annual conference.
  • The Federal Issues Committee sent recommendations to Congress.
  • An Early Awareness workshop will be conducted at South Charleston, WV just prior to the annual conference.
  • The Local Arrangements and Program Committees have been meeting for a year to provide our membership with an excellent conference in October.
  • The Newsletter was reintroduced after a two-year absence.
  • Another successful Summer Institute was held in June.

As I leave the presidency, I will take fond memories and all that I have learned this past year with me. I look forward to serving Dan Mann on next year's Executive Council.

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