Volume 2, Number 2SPRING 2006


President's Message

Student Success Stories
    J. Breezer Rickey
    Johanna C. "Corrie" Heck
    Michelle D Lopez
    Kristi S Heitt
    At Anticoh College…
    Julia Hall
    Stan Garber
    Bobbi Doklovic
    John E. Swift
    Tracey Marquart
    Lisa Wood and Lora Ford
    Sarrah Abulughod
    Debbie Bonafede
    Toni Heavilin

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Editor's Note: The article printed in the Winter 2005 Newsletter contained the wrong contact information for Terry Everson. He is now with Student Loan Express and his contact information is as follows:
    Terry D. Everson
    Senior Vice President of
    Training and Sales
    Student Loan Xpress
    3532 John Muir Drive
    Middleton, WI 53562
    (o) 608-831-5586
    (f) 608-831-5589
    (c) 608-225-3762

The MASFAA newsletter is published quarterly (December, March, June, September). Its purpose is to provide an effective forum for communicating with members about issues affecting our profession as well as to inform members of the ongoing activity of MASFAA committees and the Executive Council.

Please send articles, letters, and comments to Michiale Schneider, Email - michiale.schneider@usafunds.org

President's Message
by Dan Mann, MASFAA President

Greetings! Welcome to the Spring 2006 edition of the MASFAA Moments Newsletter. The newsletter is designed to keep you updated on activities of MASFAA, our state associations, and our individual members as well as provide information that is useful to each of us as financial aid administrators. I hope that you will take time to review this edition.

This newsletter focuses on student success stories. Student success stories remind us why we are in this profession and can be useful when we are communicating with legislators and other external parties. Legislators want to know that their investment in our financial aid programs is producing results, and students/former students are often our most effective spokespersons. If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to develop your own student success stories from your financial aid recipients.

This newsletter also provides the unapproved minutes of the January 2006 meeting of the MASFAA Executive Council held in Cincinnati and information on the upcoming MASFAA Summer Institute and MASFAA Symposium. I hope that you will make plans for you and your staff to participate in these outstanding training activities.

Thanks to Michiale Schneider for serving as our 2005-06 MASFAA Newsletter editor. If you have an article, research, best practice or other items that you wish to include in future newsletters, please send to Michiale. Our newsletter is only as good as the materials that are provided.

Finally, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your MASFAA president. I look forward to seeing many of you as I travel to the Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota conferences during the upcoming weeks. As always, please contact me if you have suggestions on how MASFAA can better serve you.

Dan Mann
MASFAA President


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