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MASFAA State Leadership Award

The MASFAA State Leadership Award is presented annually to recognize the outstanding leadership of a member from each of the 9 states within MASFAA. The recipients, who must be current MASFAA members, must have made outstanding contributions to the financial aid profession at the state and regional levels over a sustained period of time, i.e., seven years or more. Leadership at the regional level is not the only criterion for this award, and the selection process will not be limited to current state elected leaders. The individuals selected for this award must exhibit high integrity and character; have shown creative leadership; have inspired and encouraged others to participate actively in professional development activities; have sustained active involvement in professional organizations, and have supported the goals and objectives of MASFAA. Prior award recipients are listed below.

2023 Illinois: Timothy Marten 
  Indiana: Nathan Lohr
  Iowa: Brandi Miller
  Michigan: Alisha Cederberg
  Missouri: Emily Haynam
  Minnesota: Anne Dahlen
  Ohio: Carrie Short
  West Virginia: Lake Tackett
  Wisconsin: Karie Cunningham
 2022 Illinois: Laura Rogers
  Indiana: Alex DeLonis
  Iowa: Renae Armentrout
  Michigan: Stephanie Bogard-Trapp
  Missouri: Dena Norris
  Minnesota: Carolyn Cheesebrough (in memoriam)
  Ohio: Melanie Weaver
  West Virginia: Chester Priest
  Wisconsin: Heidi Johnson
2021 Illinois: Karen LeVeque
  Indiana: Martin Case
  Iowa: Beth Davenport
  Michigan: Steven Foster
  Missouri: Keri Gilbert
  Ohio: Melissa Van Meter
  West Virginia: Katie Cooper
  Wisconsin: Kevin McShane
 2019 Illinois: Maureen "Mo" Amos
  Indiana: Ben Burton
  Iowa: Gary Adams
  Michigan: Jo Cassar
  Minnesota: Carolyn Chesebrough
  Missouri: Amy Hager
  Ohio: Betsy Johnson
  West Virginia: Carla Strawn
  Wisconsin: Derek Kindle
 2018 Illinois: Michelle Cornell
  Indiana: Maralee Clayton
  Iowa: Chris Ditter
  Michigan: Shashanta James
  Minnesota: Gayle Yamry
  Missouri: Gena Boling
  Ohio: Jayme Jarrett
  Wisconsin: Susan Johnson
 2017 Illinois: Michelle Stipp
  Indiana: Melinda Middleton
  Iowa: Jennifer Schroeder
  Michigan: Val Meyers
  Minnesota: Brittany Tweed
  Missouri: Charles "Buddy" Mayfield
  Ohio: Erica Henry
  Wisconsin: Keyimani Alford
 2016 Illinois: Mary Shaw
  Indiana: Ted Malone
  Iowa: Jennifer Sassman
  Michigan: Krissy Bhaumik
  Minnesota: Chris Parker
  Missouri: Crystal Bruntz
  Ohio: Emily Haynam
  West Virginia: Kathy Bialk
  Wisconsin: Sara Beth Holman
 2015 Illinois: Jana Albrecht
  Indiana: Thomas Ratliff
  Iowa: Chad Olson
  Michigan: Jim Eddy
  Minnesota: Jana Vanderah
  Missouri: Brice Baumgardner
  Ohio: Alicia Frey
  West Virginia: Brian Weingart
  Wisconsin: Melissa Haberman
 2014 Illinois: Amanda Fijal
  Indiana: Sue Allmon
  Iowa: Heather Gaumer
  Michigan: Lori Vedder
  Minnesota: Susan Neppl
  Missouri: Samantha Matchefts
  Ohio: Angela Johnson
  West Virginia: Sandra Oerly-Bennett
  Wisconsin: Karla Weber
 2013 Illinois: Michelle Trame
  Indiana: Virginia Washington
  Iowa: Amy Gaffney
  Michigan: Vickie Crupper
  Minnesota: David Vikander
  Missouri: Janice Barnes
  Ohio: Randy Ulses
  West Virginia: JoAnn Ross
  Wisconsin: William Henderson
 2012 Illinois: Sue Swisher
  Indiana: Heidi Carl
  Iowa: Don Duzik
  Michigan: Anne Watson
  Minnesota: Jeff Olson
  Missouri: Keith Broadus
  Ohio: Valerie Kepner
  West Virginia: Tresa Weimer
  Wisconsin: Susan Fischer
 2011 Illinois: Paula Luff
  Indiana: JoAnn Laugel
  Iowa: Joan Meyer
  Michigan: Margaret Rodriguez
  Minnesota: Dianne Danov
  Missouri: Will Shaffner
  Ohio: Ann Marie Gruber
  West Virginia: Kaye Widney
  Wisconsin: Michelle Curtis
 2010 Illinois: Dan Mann
  Indiana: Kathy Purvis
  Iowa: Lois Mulbrook
  Michigan: Rick Shipman
  Minnesota: Nichole Lien
  Missouri: Anne Fligge
  Ohio: Arman Habegger
  West Virginia: Candi Frazier
  Wisconsin: Steve Schuetz
 2009 Illinois: William Bushaw
  Indiana: Bob Zellers
  Iowa: Aaron Steffens
  Michigan: Diane Lambart Fleming
  Minnesota: Jayne Dinse
  Missouri: Jon Gruett
  Ohio: Karen Kopp
  West Virginia: Patricia King
  Wisconsin: Sue Minzlaff
 2008 Illinois: Nancy Calvert
  Indiana: Jeff Pethick
  Iowa: Roberta Johnson
  Michigan: Howard Thomas
  Minnesota: Dave Dahlen
  Missouri: Cindy Butler
  Ohio: Cheryl Willard
  West Virginia: Nina Morton
  Wisconsin: Triena Bodart
 2007 Illinois: Bruce Foote
  Indiana: Douglas Irvine
  Iowa: DeLores Hawkins
  Michigan: Keith Williams
  Minnesota: Dick Battig
  Missouri: Brad Gamble
  Ohio: Michiale Schneider
  West Virginia: James Buchanan
  Wisconsin: Debra McKinney
 2006 Illinois: Cheryl Warman
  Indiana: Marvin Smith
  Iowa: Susan Ladd
  Michigan: Judy Florian
  Minnesota: Richard Battig
  Missouri: Leo Hertling
  Ohio: Ginny Biada
  West Virginia: Karen Lay
  Wisconsin: Ernesto Monge


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