Each year MASFAA recognizes members for their outstanding commitment, contributions,  and achievements.  Learn more about each award and previous recipients below. 

Recognition of Years of Service

Recognition at the annual conference is given to any paid active member of MASFAA (as of August 1) who has served the financial aid profession for the number of years indicated.

Current Years of Service Recipients

Allan W. Purdy Distinguished Service Award

This is the highest award MASFAA bestows on an individual. Individuals elected to receive it must have made outstanding achievements to the financial aid profession and to MASFAA’s goals. Their career in the profession and within education itself must demonstrate service to fellow professionals, students, and those other publics served by the professional aid administrator. The key criteria for this award are based on significant contributions over a period of time and are not typically given for a single contribution. The recipient must hold regular or associate membership in MASFAA.

Allan W. Purdy Recipients

State Leadership Award

The State Leadership Award is presented annually to recognize the outstanding leadership of a member from each of the 9 states within MASFAA. The recipients, who must be current MASFAA members, must have made outstanding contributions to the financial aid profession at the state and regional levels over a sustained period of time, i.e., seven years or more. Leadership at the regional level is not the only criterion for this award, and the selection process will not be limited to current state elected leaders. The individuals selected for this award must: exhibit high integrity and character; have shown creative leadership; have inspired and encouraged others to participate actively in professional development activities; have sustained active involvement in professional organizations, and have supported the goals and objectives of MASFAA.

State Leadership Award Recipients

President’s Award

The President’s Award is The Presidential Award is considered to be one of MASFAA's highest awards and is considered to have very high importance. It is given at the discretion of the President and is optional.

Criteria for Selection: This award is selected by the President of MASFAA and should be based on an individual's contribution to the Association during the President's term in office. The criteria to be used is based on the President's discretion or initiative, but may in fact be based on the completion of a special task, publication, survey or a host of other criteria.

President’s Award Recipients

Committee of the Year

The Committee of the Year Award is a very high award given annually to the members of a committee or task force. The purpose is to recognize those who performed in an outstanding fashion. The award is given to every member of the committee.  Consideration for this award is given to any MASFAA Committee or Task Force for a special function, conference, project or workshop during the President's term in office. The committee or task force selected for the award have made a contribution to the betterment of MASFAA in a manner which is unique or truly significant and brings distinction to the group as a result.

Committee of the Year Recipients

Recognition of Retirement

Recognition of retirement is given to those who retire from the financial aid profession during the current year. The recognition is considered to have a high level of importance. Retirement recognition is based on retirement from the financial aid profession due to reasons of health, age or institutional eligibility. The person must have served the most recent fifteen (15) years as a member of a financial aid office or in a position eligible for regular membership in MASFAA. The retirement must have taken place during the year, by August 1, for recognition at the annual conference.

2018 Honorees

Meritorious Service Award

This award is presented on an optional basis and is considered to have an extremely high value. The award is of extremely high importance and the recipient must have made significant contributions to the profession, association(s), or education in general. The selection is based on leadership or work on special projects. It is not required these projects last for the entire year or for an extended length of time; they could also be for a single accomplishment. Nominees may be financial aid administrators or people from related fields who merit consideration. The nominee need not be a member of MASFAA.

Meritorious Service Award Recipients

Outstanding New Professional Award

This award is given annually to recognize the outstanding contribution of a new professional to the financial aid profession. The recipient must have been in the profession for less than five years and made outstanding contributions at the institutional state, regional, and/or national levels. The recipient must be a current member of MASFAA.

Outstanding New Professional Award Recipients

Access Award

The Access award recognizes innovative ideas and programming in the area of financial literacy, and financial aid outreach initiatives targeted toward K-12 or post-secondary settings. This award is open to our state associations, financial aid offices, and individuals who are MASFAA members. The program selected demonstrate commitment to access and financial education, in an innovation program that has been developed within the past two year. This award is presented annually at the MASFAA conference.

Access Award Recipients

Award of Appreciation

The Award of Appreciation is presented as deemed necessary to recognize significant contribution to MASFAA and the Financial Aid Community and is considered to have an extremely high value. The individual selected need not be a MASFAA member or a financial aid administrator, but may come from the political, educational, business, or other community. The individuals selected to receive the award must have made outstanding achievements in the furtherance of MASFAA’s goals; and have made significant contributions over a sustained period of time, except when a single contribution is of such momentous importance that it deserves this award.

Award of Appreciation Recipients


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